Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How much does Halloween actually matter?

Retail Dive
Halloween may not gather the same amount of attention from retailers as the larger holiday season does, but it's in the top five most important holidays for the industry, Bill Lewis, a director in the retail practice at AlixPartners, said. He places it behind Christmas, Thanksgiving, back to school and Valentine's Day (although NRF places it 9th of the top 10 events in terms of consumer spend).

"The pure-play Halloween retailers like say a Party City or Spirit Halloween may start planning store locations literally Nov. 1, and it's an all-year-round type of thinking for the right real estate and for products," Lewis said, though that number is probably closer to nine months for retailers less focused on Halloween. "But Halloween is one of those holidays that there's pretty much year round activity associated with it.". . . more