Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Space Disposition Pro Discusses the Current State of the Market

NREI Online

There is a lot of retail space in the U.S., and a transformation is underwaythat is a fact well-known to most in the industry. But few people can understand that better than Andrew Graiser, co-president of A&G Realty Partners. The firm, based in Mellville, N.Y. and founded by Graiser and co-president Emilio Amendola in 2012, works with companies to help them dispose of their real estate through lease terminations, subleasing and sales. Since its founding, A&G Realty Partners has represented more than 110 companies in both the retail and non-retail sectors. While the firm is expanding beyond retail clients, it has been tapped to help retailers like Toys ‘R’ Us—which is shuttering at least 100 stores after it filed for bankruptcy—dispose of their assets. In a Q&A with NREI, Graiser offers his insight on what this retail transformation looks like and which types of properties might be most likely to come on-line this year. . . . more