Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kroger's new nationwide strategies unfold in North Texas including Scan, Bag, Go

Dallas News
Kroger has stepped up closings of unprofitable stores including one that had been open for less than two years in Plano. At the same time, Kroger is still opening new stores and investing in new technology. It's bringing Scan, Bag, Go self-checkout system to 19 North Texas stores beginning in March.

Kroger is adding the Scan, Bag, Go system to 400 stores nationwide and the 19 in North Texas will have them installed from March through August, said April Martin Nickels, Kroger spokeswoman in North Texas. Shoppers have to have a Kroger Plus card to use it, she said, and the purchase is completed at the self-checkout. (Last summer, Walmart brought its version of scan-as-you-shop system to several local stores.). . . more