Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Retailer raises delivery bar

jenny-berry-of-rogers-shops-for-school-supplies-with-her-sons-cole-10-and-6-year-old-twins-taylor-and-brayden-in-august-at-the-wal-mart-supercenter-in-rogersthe-retail-giant-is-revising-its-product-delivery-requirements-to-keep-its-shelves-fullWal-Mart Stores Inc. senior vice president Kathryn McLay said the retailer began revamping its product delivery requirements two years ago after studying the way items flowed from suppliers and distribution centers to store shelves.

What was supposed to be a four-day window for deliveries took more like 10 days, according to McLay. Products trickled through in an inexact way. Some arrived early. Others were late. All of it led to inefficiencies throughout the system.. . . more

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