Friday, May 19, 2017

The future of retail is permanent pop-up shops, according to this startup

Follow any of the bleak headlines on the woes of traditional retail lately, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that mall-type stores are going the way of your local Blockbuster.

Growing numbers of online shoppers, the narrative goes, are suffocating department stores, apparel outlets, and everything in between.

Are we headed for a future without retail stores? Bulletin is betting on just the opposite.

“This is the cheesiest way to say this but brick-and-mortar isn’t dead, it’s just broken,” said Bulletin CEO and co-founder Alana Branston. “A lot of physical retail fails because these extremely dated companies sort of throw a store together and sign a 10-year lease.”

In other words, it's not that stores don't have a future — it's just that they need to look and operate differently. Branston thinks Bulletin can be that future. . . . more

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