Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sears’ Lampert takes on vendors in blog

Image result for sears power tools display Eddie Lampert, the chairman and CEO of embattled Sears Holdings Corp., is not holding back. 
Days after he gave a rare newspaper interview in which he commented on the current state of affairs at Sears and partially blamed media coverage for its troubles, Lampert took aim at some of the chain’s vendors in a blog post on the company’s website on Monday. Sears' shares closed down more than 12% on Monday after Lampert's post.
"There have been examples of parties we do business with trying to take advantage of negative rumors about Sears to make themselves a better deal — a deal that is unilaterally in their interest,” Lampert wrote. "In such a case, we will not simply roll over and be taken advantage of — we will do what's right to protect the interests of our company and the millions of stakeholders we serve.”
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