Wednesday, May 10, 2017

If You're In Retail, You Should Know What This Man Is Thinking

Image result for Steve Sadove is an unusual person in the retail business. He doesn’t just have a perfectly impressive resume, he is a proven leader and thinker in retail. No one is always right but when someone with his experience and reputation opines on the industry, it’s worth listening to.

Sadove doesn’t think that retail is a dying industry. He points out that in fact retail sales are up. He says, ‘Retail is healthy but it’s difficult and there are winners and losers. Some retailers think they’re changing but they’re really not changing. [Other r]etailers are changing but they’re not changing nearly as fast as the consumer. That’s the fundamental dilemma. There’s a lot that’s unhealthy in retail, retail is an unstable game. But it can be a great game if it works.’. . . more

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