Monday, November 7, 2016

Bonobos raising $100M to expand brick-and-mortar footprint

Image result for bonobos retail storeBonobos co-founder Andy Dunn once famously said that the retail effort, which launched in 2007, was predicated on the idea that men don’t enjoy shopping and that all menswear would eventually be sold online. Since then, though, the company has opened close to 30 “guideshops” nationwide where shoppers can try on clothes to help them decide what to buy. Bonobos has also expanded its partnerships with other retailers, and recently said it has plans to open 100 stores of its own by 2020.

Physical stores and malls (their much-maligned partners in retail) continue to experience growth in sales per square foot, at least at the high end, according to business intelligence firm L2's Death of PurePlay Retail report released earlier this year. . . . more

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