Monday, October 31, 2016

Don't discount Aldi when it comes to disruption

When you hear about disruption in the grocery industry you probably think of Amazon, but watch out for Aldi, it’s more disruptive than you might think. Why? The formerly bare bones EDLP that stocked mainly shelf-stable goods has transformed itself into an effective promotional retailer — without surrendering the low price position. And it is growing fast. Forty years ago Aldi opened its first store in Iowa; soon there will be 1,800+ units in the U.S.
The way Aldi is executing its new strategy makes it a powerful, perhaps underappreciated, disruptive force in a competitive marketplace that’s currently being squeezed between two growing pressures: How to match low prices and how to pay for additional services like online grocery.

So what is Aldi doing?. . . more

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