Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Meadowlands Mega-Mall Wins Bond-Market Subsidy It Long Coveted

Image result for american dream meadowlandsNew Jersey is on the brink of realizing the American Dream -- if the definition is a mega-mall in the middle of a marsh at the Meadowlands. A state agency approved $1.2 billion of tax-exempt municipal bonds for Canadian developers Triple Five Worldwide.

The 2.9 million square-foot American Dream, originally called Xanadu, features an indoor amusement park and water park, an 800-foot indoor ski slope, a 300-foot Ferris wheel, aquarium, 1,500-seat performing-arts theater, skating rink and a 1,400-seat movie theater with “wind, rain, snow, fog and scents all synchronized to the on-screen action,” the company says. It will also have 500 stores, restaurants and food shops.. . . more

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