Monday, April 18, 2016

Amazon Business ready to rule B-to-B world

A ruling in the dispute between the Federal Trade Commission and Staples could hinge on whether the judge in the case is an Amazon Prime member who appreciates the online giant’s disruptive business model and potential to impact the business-to-business marketplace.

If so, Staples will likely prevail in its effort to acquire Office Depot and better position itself for a long term battle with Amazon Business, which observes its one-year anniversary April 28. The FTC has minimized Amazon’s impact on the market and sought to block the Staples/Office Depot deal on grounds that it will reduce choice for large corporate clients.

While a federal judge ponders the merits of the FTC’s view of the competitive landscape, Amazon is actively recruiting sellers and buyers to its rapidly growing B-to-B platform.. . . more

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