Tuesday, April 19, 2016

11 New Retail Concepts Expanding in the U.S.

3-primark-london-Peter-MacdiarmidGettyImages-458446454.jpgIn spite of a stronger economy, U.S. consumers spent less money at restaurants, apparel stores and online shopping sites in March. Americans are making fewer visits to departments stores and big-box chains, but they have demonstrated a spending preference for new retail concepts. And so both international retailers and new U.S.-based concepts with unique appeal continue to pursue expansion plans here.

International retailers see the value in entering the U.S. right now. Retail property landlords know that with the current state of malls in America (only the crème de la crème properties are doing well), it’s more of a tenants’ market. "It is a great time for retailers to be looking at mall expansion.  . . . more

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