Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Being There: In-Store Apparel Retailers Put Advantages to Good Use

Image result for apparel shoppersIt’s been more than 15 years since they started ringing the death knell for brick-and-mortar retail. And although the Internet shopping base continues to grow, the in-store experience is here to stay. Even the doomsayers have quieted during recent years. There are simply too many things about in-store shopping that the online experience can’t offer.

The value of in-store is especially real in the apparel industry. There are several factors that make in-store better when it comes to shopping for clothes, but one of the most important is met expectations. Those Under Armour leggings might look amazing in the online photo, so what could go wrong? Well, try cut, color, waistband, fabric, length or fit.. . . more

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