Monday, February 1, 2016

How technology is transforming the retail sales associate role

1280px retail bankingOnline shoppers may have broken records over the holidays,spending over $4.5 billion over Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, but it turns out that consumers still love their brick-and-mortar: According to Gartner analyst Kelsie Marian, the physical store still brings in the largest portion or retail revenue — around 72 percent.

And, even though most customers have had an experience where a store’s sales associates seem to mysteriously go missing just when they are most needed, studies show that shoppers still expect to have an informed, knowledgeable sales associate available when they want it. These stubbornly rising expectations, in a highly competitive landscape where retailers are competing for every last shopper dollar, mean retail brands have had to significantly up their game. . . . more

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