Friday, January 29, 2016

H&M Will Again Open More Than One Store Per Day This Year

An H&M store in Vienna. Photo: Mathias Kniepeiss/Getty Images
As of November 30, when H&M's fiscal year ended, the Swedish fast fashion retailer had 3,924 stores in operation in 61 countries, employing more than 148,000 people. In its two largest markets, Germany and the United States, it had 449 and 415 locations up and running, respectively. That's a lot. But when asked by investors on a Thursday morning webcast whether H&M's brick-and-mortar spread will level off in the near term, maybe give way to an e-commerce push, brand execs confidently maintained that they see potential to expand the store fleet for "many years." They're aiming for 10 to 15 percent store growth annually.. . . more

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