Friday, January 15, 2016

Commercial Real Estate in 2016: Six Trends

abandoned-mall.jpgThe U.S. property market landscape in 2016 will appear similar to that of 2015, with a number of interwoven aspects that bode well for savvy investors who can step out in front of ongoing, and in some cases intensifying, economic, demographic and technological trends.

On the economic side, the Federal Reserve made it clear in December that the central bank sees U.S. growth as relatively stable, when the federal funds rate was notched higher by a quarter point. Nevertheless, underlying inflation is extremely tame (with worries of deflation in some sectors and economies) in the U.S. and major emerging markets, providing no impetus for significantly higher rates. That may put some pressure on other global economies, including the Eurozone and China, but will also make U.S. assets more attractive in the coming year.. . . more

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